So, You're in Seattle... Seattle's Kelly McDonald from Cirque Du Soleil

She grew up doing gymnastics in Seattle, now she's a circus artist!

April 19, 2017
Kelly McDonald of Luzia

by Frances of Cirque du Soleil and Gregr

Under the bigtop tent at Marymoor Park, Cirque du Soleil creates a magical world that feels like you've been taken to space aboard an alien craft equal parts the future and Mexican past. It's Luzia, and I wrote all about it here

Strangely, during one of the acts, people were cheering in small pockets with enthusiasm of a big crowd. When 'Adagio' concluded - that was the name of the act drawing the cheers - a larger section of people cheered "yeah Kelllllyyy!"

We had a local circus performer returning to the town her bed calls home! Kelly McDonald grew up near Green Lake, did gymnastics her whole life, and then went on to try out for Cirque du Soleil a couple years ago and made it! Now she's touring the world with Luzia and put a few minutes of her crazy busy 6 shows a week schedule on hold to come chat with me!

Cirque de Soleil at Marymoor Park is a fantastic, mind-bending evening.

If you've yet to see a Cirque show, you're missing out. The scene is so intimate and bizarre in the best way. But I was super curious about what goes on that we can't see. How many people are running around? Where do they train for these shows? How do their parents watch these insane stunts without freaking out? Kelly, a tiny human when standing next to me, gets thrown through the air by a trio of muscular men nightly, and I think it's the raddest.

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