So, You're in Seattle... Seth Wolfson of Hourglass Escapes

Luckily we escaped the escape room and saved the Earth. You're Welcome.

November 21, 2016
So, You're In Seattle... Seth Wolfson of Hourglass Escapes

photo provided by Seth Wolfson

Seth Wolfson isn’t just the co-creator of Hourglass Escapes - a top notch Lake Union puzzle room - he’s also a man who grew up entrenched in a world of movie makeup, special effects, and animatronics. Hearing him talk about making wax sculptures, working for Universal Studios, and the road to get there could not have caught me more by surprise.

Listen to Gregr and Seth talk about the adventure through special effects and creature creation.

Seth now uses those skills to make medical prosthetics - and more importantly, to create awesome puzzle games for teams of people looking for a change of pace on a Friday night. I got the gang from The End together to give Hourglass Escapes a try, to find out if we’d be clever enough to escape an Egyptian archeologist's cryptic office or die of what i presume to be mummy poison or asp attack.

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Let me be clear about the idea of an escape room, they’re all totally different, but this one does NOT lock you in anywhere. Your team of 6-8 people comfortably fit into the small office of the missing Dr. Carter but should anyone need to remove themselves, it’s as simple as opening the door and walking out through the waiting room.

For an hour, we solved one puzzle after the next, often a play on words or a secret clue led us in the right direction to the next mystery. I walk a fine line here because I don’t want to spoil the scene, but let’s just say there are “artifacts” painstakingly created by Seth over the months of designing the room.

Occasionally, a research assistant would chime in from the library with a clue found in the depths of some dusty old book just when we thought we were stuck.

The puzzles were fun but not impossible. The room, much smaller than my imagination made it out to be, put us into scenarios where, by proximity, we would start working together. Because a couple minds working together could usually work out the puzzles in a few minutes, it made me great getting to work on the next mystery.

I’m too tempted to talk about a huge mechanical element in the room, so let me just skip to a bonus of this specific escape room. Seth, the recipient of a liver transplant, wanted to tie in a cancer charity to help others going through a battle he himself had tackled. He partnered with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance donating one ticket for every group that plays this room. As groups go through the puzzles, they’re actually helping get patients fighting a chance to take a break from the crushing world of cancer.

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