So, You're In Seattle... Skylinyl Making Vinyl Art

Shawn and Taylor are busy cutting vinyl into awesome art!

December 2, 2016
So, You're In Seattle... Skylinyl

by Taylor Jackson

Usually, someone would alter a record by scratching it to make weird sounds and rhythms, but the dudes from the Seattle art-biz Skylinyl sub out turntable needles for razor blades!

Shawn McClure, a Seattle drummer/musician, got started making vinyl art when he and some friends witnessed mother nature punish a bunch of vinyl. He put metal to record in a whole new way to make skyline art.

Find out how dudes make art from your old vinyl records.

After selling individual pieces out the trunk of a car like he was MC Hammer in the early 1990's , Shawn joined forces with Taylor Jackson and his savvy business sense, and these dudes are about to blow up. Having run a huge Kickstarter campaign, they're ready to drop tons of art. Perhaps this will be the perfect gift for that music nerd you love. We had a rad talk, and I'm pumped for this duo to produce things to hang on your wall from a studio on Queen Anne!

Visit Skylinyl on Twitter or check out their site.

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