So, You're In Seattle... Steven Graham

I've spelled his name wrong 20 times already...

April 12, 2016
Steven Graham hosting Locals Only

photo c/o Steven Graham

It's Steven with a "v", not a "ph".

Like so many people in the Seattle music community, Steven Graham grew up listening to 1077 The End. It’s super cool that with a combination of love of local shows and musicians and a willingness to connect with people like Pepper, our previous Locals Only host, Steven grabbed the reigns of a beast from his childhood and now steers the ship of local PNW music.

I still giggle knowing just how much he’s lived up to some pretty awesome Everett stereotypes - Steven’s hand in promoting music north of Seattle and his work for the city of Everett make him such a wonderful asset for an area that we may not otherwise think of from Seattle. I mean, if you add rising rents and lack of awesome old buildings to conduct band practice in, then I guess the big city folk had best get used to a new music scene!

Has Steven’s excitement for local music met its match in adulthood? You be the judge.