Someone Made a Twitter Bot That Creates Emoji Mashups

Come on, Barfing Clown!

July 25, 2019

by Gregr


With incredible speed, we are reducing the complexities of educated intelligent communication back to simpler more illiterate times and we have emojis to thank. The Pharaohs would be pumped! Sadly, it doesn't seem likely that we'll stop our decline towards cuneiform and hieroglyph for some time. Luckily, someone is making emojis more interesting. 

Introducing @EmojiMashupBot, a twitter program that combines emojis to create new expressions and statuses. The creator started with the basic circle headed emoji and broke it down into elements: base - eyes - mouth - details. The bot then takes two available characters and picks traits from each to create a new expression.

If you dig a little deeper in the above tweet, you can find the rules for how it combines them. I scrolled through the whole thing (at the time of writing), and the following are some of my favorites - mostly without explanation...

Adventure Time Finn scream:

Anyone with a cat gets how this would be legit useful:

Feels like you could add barf to the clown...

Some seriously excellent side-eye:

Cat poop - seriously, a lot of the cat ones are the best:

And anyone with a kid has felt this or maybe you're sitting next to a screaming s*** ball on the airplane:

There are hundreds more, and the bot just keeps churning them out all day. Obviously, these aren't going into use any time soon, but the Unicode Consortium would be wise to embrace something like this. Imagine if you could generate your own emoji combos from the keyboard on your phone?! DO THIS, TEXT WIZARDS.