Sony To Deliver The PlayStation Classic In December

Miniature Consule, Same Huge Games Including FFVII

September 19, 2018

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A tiny PlayStation 1 filled with games and HDMI ready will drop December 3, 2018, setting you back $99. Check out the trailer below.

I hadn't thought about PS1 for a minute and now the memories are all flooding back. We must have played a million matches in Tekken 3 - Yoshimitsu, Jin, that giant dude with a jaguar head, and my favorite kung-fu specialist, Lei Wulong - it was just the go-to when hanging out at my buddy Chuck's place. He had an apartment while we were in high school... trouble.

Then there were the one hundred hours spent playing Final Fantasy VII. To this day it's still my favorite game. I bought it on PS3 and even this morning considered just getting the iOS version but $15 is a bit much! And then there were the black coated cd's! Wow, it's been a minute!

Ok, so this bad boy comes loaded with 20 games - that's far fewer than the NES Classic or Super NES Classic we've seen the last couple years, but there are a couple big titles already announced that are attention-getting... Tekken 3 and Final Fantasy VII! Also included Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, and Wild Arms. Here's hoping the include Gran Turismo, PaRappa the Rapper, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Oddworld, Twisted Metal, Resident Evil 2...

Courtesy of SIE

Errbody gets all worked up in the press release when they read that the package, for $99, won't include an AC Adapter - the comment flame begins - but that is a silly way of looking at it. The box comes with a USB cable for a power chord. If you want to plug it into a standard US power outlet, you'll just need a USB brick. Settle down.

The other flashpoint for the internet this morning seems to be over the included two controllers - yes they're wired just like PS1 of old, but also they're D-Pad style not analog stick equipped. The very first PlayStations didn't have the joysticks, though a few years later Sony introduced them. PlayStation Classic (is probably too cheap) adheres to the original unit.

Certain retailers are taking pre-orders already. I just assume that it will, like the others before it, sell out before Christmas and I'll just have to hope it gets a second production run right away. Good luck.