Sound Transit offering Free Light Rail Rides to Safeco with your Mariners Ticket

It's included in your ticket

March 28, 2018



The Seattle Mariners and Sound Transit are teaming up to make getting to the ballpark easier - by making it free!

From opening day until June 3, your baseball ticket - printed or digital - will also be valid as a ticket for the Link Lightrail! It's near damn impossible to drive near the stadium on the gameday - First Ave doesn't allow turns, Ubers/Lyfts are everywhere stopping insanely, and then there are the humans flowing out of Pyramid and Henry's - in the words of Admiral Ackbar:

MRW I realize it's a trap

Instead of battling traffic and humans until your inner dreams stream out dead from your eyes in the form on red, red blood, for the first months of the baseball season, starting three hours before first pitch and lasting through the rest of the service day, your game ticket will count towards a free ride on the train. Park and Ride then coast in for game day!

Here are the full details from Sound Transit.

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