The Sounders Could Probably Beat a Dragon

Sounders FC Have Huge Advantage In Playoff Match Sunday

November 4, 2016
Greg and "Ross"

by Gregr

Short of summoning Neo Bahamut, FC Dallas are pretty screwed this weekend after showing up to Seattle and getting SHUT DOWN in a 3-0 playoff loss. I don't think they properly prepared to be dismantled by Poseidon (aka Nico Lodeiro) in his natural elemental - WATER - well, rain... but whatever

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Dude, the MLS playoffs are too damn long. The MLS Cup final is still five weeks away and after this weekend, only the semi-finals remain. My solution: give the team with the better record home field advantage, make the team with the worse record earn their next leg on the road. But that's how blah blah blah (see "whatever" above.) Regardless, headed to the real American treasure, Frisco, Texas, this weekend, Sounders FC should feel comfortable as long as they don't get comfy.

I'd treat it like a must-win, then park that bus like your Jose Mourinho beating Bayern at home and it's 2012.

FC Dallas v Sounders FC
Sunday @ 6pm

Next time we talk, we'll have a new President-elect. I heard a rumor that if Trump wins, he's going to deport soccer for being a foreign sport. You thought you could hide by changing your name did you, football? AMERICA IS ON TO YOU. 

Ross Fletcher left the comfort of dad-daycare behind and popped by the studio to help me sound less stupid about all things. Listen:

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