Sounders FC Match 4 Preview: At Least Atlanta's Chili Dog Game is Strong

Also, they way they're playing, i'm calling them Hotlanta

March 30, 2017
Hotalanta - home of The Varsity

by Gregr

Even though Alyssa* tells me it's not cool to say Hotlanta in Hotlanta, there's no way it's not appropriate for this expansion soccer club who are off to the hottest start since... Seattle Sounders FC! But for real, this team started hotter than a heat shield on a space pod.

I journeyed to the far away land of Atlanta last fall on very important business: to scout the city out for soccer fans (and to get married). Jokes aside, I went to their sort of an equivalent of Dick's Drive-In, Varsity, for a burger and a chili dog (multiple chili dogs). Once I got past the weird feeling in my rapidly imploding stomach, it dawned on me that there was a young woman sporting a US Women's National Team soccer jersey.

Who wins in a fight, Dick's Drive-In or In-N-Out?

One after another, I kept seeing cool jerseys for both women's and men's soccer: Chelsea, USWNT, Arsenal... Atlanta is soccer mad! Fast forward to later that evening when watching/mocking local news and the sports segment featured highlights from a USWNT match and things suddenly made sense. Still, Atlanta represented. Add to that that the peach pit of Georgia also hold claim to the busiest international airport in America and we're talking a bunch of people bringing interest in soccer/football from around the globe. Suddenly this is all making sense. 

It's a rare Friday night match for Seattle who welcomes back a scary Clint Dempsey from international duty where he netted some goals, looked in tippy top form, and has that hunger of a guy who was ruled out last year now ready to go full grizzly on the opposition. While away with the USMNT, he played against Sounders locker room hero Roman Tores and Panama. The match up included some words on the field that will have to be forgiven/forgotten by Friday. 

Atlanta also shipped dudes off for international duty, but face the added challenge of traveling across the USA three time zones and will have to battle jetlag and 40k+ plus people screaming at them SeeeAAAAAATTTTLLLLLLE.... While they've been a handful for defenses, the Sounders are pretty banged up right now and the aforementioned Torres played two big international matches without the rest of the non-national teammates. 

I'm expecting Seattle to narrowly win 11-1 Friday night, mostly because I'll be in San Francisco and can't watch from my seat in CenturyLink. Whatever.

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*Alyssa lived in Hotlanta for a minute and knows these things.