Sounders FC Match 5 Preview: Be Rad.

He's back!

April 7, 2017
Be Rad

So far there hasn't been much to write home about in 2017's season. Bum-mer. A championship-sized hangover? Fine. Let it happen. Better now than at the opposite end of the year! The part where Portland is in first - THEY SHALL FALL!

I'm sorry, I'm pretty sure it's just the crap gray weather starting to take its toll... Seattle sunshine (rain) in the uncovered seats at the stadium only stays charming for so long - I can't imagine having to play in it. I long for the days where it's sunny and everyone is hurt and we're worrying about making the playoffs.

Ok, some positives for the away trip to San Jose - if there's an Earthquake, I'm pretty sure there's no advantage for SJ since we train in the Cascadia Subduction Zone - nice try, jerks! I think staying focused will be a problem... for their fans. San Jose features the LOBINA - Longest Outdoor Bar in North America. There's nothing like paying $9.75 a beer but also getting to sit outside the action. Dummies.

Some big highlights for the match: Cristian Roldan has been playing like he's made out of bees. A sweetheart off the field, a beast on it, Roldan should be getting nods for early season MVP after last week's performance. Roman Torres should be fully recharged so he can play defense two to three steps adrift of the guys he covers (don't do this). Regardless, his return is huge as he is literally huge and brings a huge personality for the team. And quite exciting, the return of captain Brad Evans to full practice this week. B-Rad as fans call him, his return means I can talk my wife into watching the match for obvious handsomeness reasons. Whatever. I'll take it.

Listen to Jordan Morris tease Cristian Roldan about talking Instagram/selfies during a match!

On a serious note, B-Rad is raising money for a specific branch of Seattle Children's and all it takes is you buying a sweet Brain Bosworth looking t-shirt.

Jokes and bad writing aside, Brad hustles for great cause all the time and has earned the love of the soccer community for damn good reasons. Support him like he supports our community.

Sounders are 6th in the West.
San Jose vs Seattle, Saturday @ 7:30p
Avaya Stadium, San Jose.

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