Sounders FC Match 7 Preview: Get on the dang Bolt Bus Already!

It's not too late to get up to your butt to BC for a rad weekend!

April 13, 2017
Made my own Championship jersey

by Gregr

It isn't too late to blow this pop stand, leave the Mariners to struggle behind, and get your butt to Vancouver for a beautiful freakin' weekend of Sounders FC soccer, bridges, and a weak Canadian dollar! Seattle opens up the Cascadia Cup action this weekend and will get the first sniff at the return of one-time Sounders FC star, Freddy Montero. Yeah, he's a Whitecap now and I'm still not sure how to feel about that*. 

The Sounders need to make sure that they don't get mowed over by a team whose rough 1-3-1 start to the season demands a critical win before they head on the road until the year 2091. The Whitecaps have been bad, and after Friday, they play four in a row on the road. They need points. Road defense will be critical. Torres, mark your man! Also, don't get distracted by a team playing in their pajamas - a sinister ploy for sure is the only thing that can describe their home kit, right?

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The Cascadia Cup, for our new friends, pit the Sounders FC, the Portland Lame-bers, and Vancouver Whitecaps FC in a season-long tournament up and down the high-5 corridor. Each team plays one another three times throughout the season. The city with the most points at the end gets to hoist the Cascadia Cup as seen with this idiot.

Cascadia Cup!
by drunk Sounders fan with my smartphone

The Whitecaps have tons of injuries in complete parallel to Seattle who are at almost 100%. The two names we wait upon are Roman Torres and Brad Evans. Evans returned to practice last week but didn't end up traveling with the team. Torres, and his awesome half Sideshow Bob, half Exeggutor hair,  went down after the first quarter hour and left the match in San Jose with a hamstring issue. BREAKING NEWS - Unconfirmed reports (that I just made) up list Brad Evans as possibly lost in another dimension like Ozzie Smith on Homer's softball team

Seattle Sounders FC vs Vancouver Whitecaps FC
Friday night @ 7pm
BC Place, Vancouver, BC, CA

*I still love Freddy Montero because he clearly still loves Seattle.

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