Stomping Grounds: The best spots in Cap Hill (part 2)

February 2, 2017

Photo by Gregr

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I trade off the cost of an apartment in the city with the cost of commuting. I live on Capitol Hill and try not to drive. Ever. Also, I’m very lazy. I’ve been living on Capitol Hill now for almost eight years. My life is basically a trek between my apartment, to the station at the base of the Hill, and to the stadiums. Go Sounders!

Writing this makes me realize that I’m either incredibly predictable or super lazy - probably both. Anyway, these are the joints that get me every time:

Name: Gregr 
Job: Mornings on 1077 The End, Chauffeur to Chowder
I live: On Capitol Hill, across the street from Manley

Best place in the universe to eat
Tacos Chukis
Taco Tuesday? Psht taco EVERY DAY. I can’t get enough of their adobada baby burritos and while they’ve opened a new SLU location*, this one still rules. I’m pretty sure this small taco shop is actually run by a crazy Mexican wizard whose magic wizard beard makes the beard enchant you into coming back multiple days a week for lunch…

*They invited me to be their first ever customer at the SLU location and it was delicious, duh.

Stoked for my friends at @tacoschukis opening a new #Seattle location. Honored to have been your first guest!

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Best smelling business to walk by

Anna Purna - I’m not exactly sure what they do to make this place smell so damn good when I’m walking on Broadway and I saunter past, but they should bottle that and use it to get me to do unspeakable things in exchange for tasty Indian food. I guess technically this is Nepalese food, but like most poorly world educated Americans, I can’t find Nepal on a map without a few minutes of slowly dragging my finger around the sheet. Naan bread and basic tikka masala do it for me, but the saag chana and chana paratha kill it, too!

Molly Moons - Oh ok, you’re just gonna walk by when it smells like waffle cone and not get anything? You have more self-control than a waddling nun at a penguin festival.

Best coffee
Cafe Caramel for sugary drinks. Boring ol’ Americano. I love this coffee shop. It’s my favorite in town.

Best place to chill
Cafe Solstice
I have a standing business meeting at Cafe Solstice every week where we mix business stuff with a rad set of tap handles. This is where I learned about Square Mile Hopped Cider.

Place the dog most freaks out to visit
Volunteer Park
Occasionally I like to go outside and stuff. Volunteer park is huge, sometimes has eagles, and even though I’m not supposed to, this is the joint where Chowder runs around chasing frisbees/squirrels off leash to burn off some dog energy. It’s also the home to the Seattle Asian Art Museum, Volunteer Park Conservatory, and hosts the annual Taco Truck Challenge!

Best summer beer hang
The Lookout
A you’ll-miss-it-if-you-don’t-look-for-it back patio makes this bar an obvious choice for that perfect late summer Seattle afternoon (post-July 5th, usually). They have beers and foods and stuff, but mainly this is an excellent neighborhood pub to hang out with pals.

Best grocery
See, life on the Hill isn’t all skinny jeans and protesting. There are things like grocery stores, too.

Best street art
That weird piece of art in the alley 
What the f*** is this?

Favorite creepy alley art #Seattle

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Best happy hour
Bait Shop
Even though the owner stood me up for an interview, this little joint has some legit happy hour specials and serve a mean street corn during the summer. Beer and a shot for five bucks? Get out of here.

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