The Strokes Debut Riff Heavy, Synthy New Song "OBLIVIUS"

Singer Julian Casablancas leaked new song on his own radio show!

May 26, 2016
The Stokes 'Future Past Present'

by Cult Records


**UPDATE** The Strokes released two additional songs titled "Drag Queen" (LISTEN) and "Threat of Joy" (LISTEN) just hours after sharing "Oblivious." 

The Strokes dropped some new music and details of a fresh EP titled Future Present Past - gotta assume they were stoned watching an X-Men movie when naming it. Included in the announcement, new music "OBLIVIUS" that for now you have to stream at their label site until the Internet does it's thing and puts it everywhere... It's just one of three new songs which are available for preorder on iTunes.

Earlier this morning, Julian Casablancas debuted the new music by The Strokes and details of the new EP including it's June 3rd release date. The announcement follows teasing from the Cult Records Instagram and website.

They haven't made new music since the release of 2013's Comedown Machine. They got back at it with Future Present Past just in time to headline New York's Governors Ball Music Festival set from June 3rd-5th.

While we're waiting for the YouTube version of "OBLIVIUS", enjoy this Throwback Thursday to the time when Jack White joined The Strokes on stage to shred "New York City Cops":


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