What You Need to Know For Sunday's Final Sounders Match of the Season

Regular season action wraps up with DeCiSiOn DaY!!!1!

October 4, 2019

Sounders FC Communications

Match 34 of 34 on Sunday promises to be a fun close to the 2019 regular season. It's DeCiSiOn DaY!!!1! which in leagues where they don't have playoffs (everywhere but MLS) means the season is done and you're fighting to avoid relegation (again everywhere but MLS) or promotion/Champions League play. How exciting for other places! 

Teasing aside, Seattle is guaranteed a playoff spot, but where they cede in the playoffs is still up in the air.

Match  #34/34
SSFC: 15-10-8 (3rd West) vs MNUFC: 15-10-8 (2nd West)
STADIUM: CenturyLink

Important stuff for Sunday:

  • If Seattle wins, they're 2nd in the west and score 1st round home-field advantage.
  • Long-time Sounder Ozzie Alonso returns to Seattle with Minnesota United FC.
  • Our biggest boi, Roman Torres, is back from the barber (10 game suspension)!
  • Sunday: Partly cloudy and 64 degrees!
  • Fartland Timbers could easily get bumped with a loss again the San Jose Sharks!

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