Super Secret Summer Camp Handshake

Don't embarrass yourself by not learning it... jeez.

August 11, 2016
Super Secret Handshake

by Gregr


Ok Camper, time to find yourself a friend and get practicing the single most (un) important action for Summer Camp success, the Super Secret Summer Camp Handshake.

Here, let me and Manley teach you. FOCUS:

1. Handshakes and fireflies, pretty simple. 

Get five of those handshakes in there then spin, say "fireflies" and give 'em the spirit fingers. 

2. Make a sacrifice to the mustache God, Kris Orlowski.

Throw your fake mustache up there in honor of local ledge Kris Orlowski. Bonus points if you have a real 'stache.

3. Jack-knife. Foot thing. Necessary evils.

These is to throw off the casuals who think they know the handshake but really don't. Only true Campers know the foot thing.

4. The slap.

An homage to that time Real World was in Seattle and they worked as interns at The End. The slap is essential to the handshake and adds the exclamation point to the whole thing. Careful, campers.

Ok, got it? We recommend* not slapping anyone because that's lame. I can't wait to see you out at Summer Camp for a selfie or secret handshake or snap or something. All we have left is single day tickets so get one, McSlaperson.

*our lawyers recommend