Let's Support Kirkland's LEGO Lassies Send 'em to the World Championships!

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March 28, 2019

LEGO Lassies

Kirkland's LEGO Lassies are off to the 2019 FIRST World Championships in Houston! Please donate!

Wait, what? Yeah, there's a lot to unpack here...

FIRST is a robotics-themed tournament style scholastic group encouraging the finest young engineering minds to excel in STEM fields of the future. There are different challenges for different ages. The younger kids use LEGO to build robots with a FIRST assigned goal. The older kids move on to the bigger equipment capable of hurling, slinging, or launching projectiles at/into targets. It's wild!

The LEGO Lassies - a team of FIRST Washington girls - are off to Houston to battle against the best young minds in the world. Houston is Space City - see Nerd Talk goes to NASA - and with space-themed competitions, the LEGO Lassies minds will be put to the low gravity test! Note, gravity will be normal in Houston that weekend...

Please donate!

The young women need your help to get there. They're trying to raise money to compete in Texas including everything that comes with that: lodging, travel, food, entry fees, and hopefully, from where I'm sitting, a trip to Johnson Space Center! Please donate!