Surfer Blood's Thomas Fekete Loses Battle With Cancer

We have fond memories of the band at our Sasquatch campsite.

June 1, 2016
Surfer Blood @ Sasquatch Campground 2013

via 1077 The End YouTube


Surfer Blood's Thomas Fekete lost his battle with a rare form of cancer after a year-long battle. The founding member and guitarist was 27 years old. Usually Florida is the butt of our jokes, but here's a bright spot that sadly went out. 


So sad.

I have this really fun memory of the band playing at Sasquatch in 2013. Though I didn't get to see them perform inside the venue that day (we were working in the EndSession Tent), someone from their label brought them to our campground in a van to hang out. We were camping next to the raddest group of friends from Red Hook who brought an entire U-Haul full of beer (and maybe some supplies... maybe). The band hung out and goofed off in the camp sorta awkwardly like anyone who was the new group at the party before grabbing their instruments and playing some songs! Advantage Surfer Blood:

RIP Thomas. You entertained people on massive stages, tiny campsites, and everything in between. You were too young a light to burn out, but at least the struggle is over.

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