Tacoma Brewery 3D Prints Free Medical Mask Bands

Wingman Brewers among those making mask-ers more comfy.

April 10, 2020
Medical mask headbands

by Wingman Brewers

Wingman Brewers Tacoma posted quite the update about a side hustle they've got up and running. They are printing headbands to make masks more comfortable for those who have to wear one all day every day during coronavirus care and essential business related work. Nice job!

I wore a homemade mask for like 30 seconds and my ears turned purple, so adding this small cheap piece of plastic could make it way easier for a nurse, doctor, medical staffer to stay safe by allowing 12 hours of wear to tug less on their ear trunks.


A few days back, I read about an awesome Canadian kid that helped get the ball rolling producing something similar from his bedroom. Imagine if we mobilized a group of home printers to make life easier for our front line humans keeping us moving in the world right now.

Tangent - if anyone has a 3D printer, I want to commission something for divvying up the wet cat food. Much less important, I know, but who knows?!