These Local Tattoo Artists Are Doing Some Incredible Charitable Work

Helping mastectomy patients on the road to recovery with beautiful art

October 19, 2018

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My new friend Krystin hollered at us asking if we could do anything to spread the word about an inspiring event celebrating the women recovering from Mastectomy surgery - removing tumors and cells associated with breast cancer. A bunch of dope tattoo artists volunteer their time tattooing the survivors helping to take a painful scar and turn into a thing of beauty. I think this is super cool.

provided by Krystin Jones

Mastectomy tattoo organization,, announced its sixth annual “ Day” to take place in 15 cities across the U.S. and Canada on various dates throughout October and November including this weekend in the greater Seattle area. This year, 87 talented artists will volunteer their time and talent to ink mastectomy tattoos for 87 remarkable breast cancer survivors, by far the largest group to participate in the event’s history.

After a mastectomy, many breast cancer survivors are left with scars and often, no nipples. This is a problem that reconstructive surgery cannot always solve. In response to this challenge, (Personal Ink) is a grassroots movement dedicated to educating breast cancer survivors about mastectomy tattoos as an alternative healing option and connecting survivors with experienced tattoo artists who can help. Since the first event in 2013, Day has helped nearly 300 women heal with ink.

I've got a couple tattoos and can't even imagine how it must feel to have a breast tattood - and if there's scar tissue...

Here in the Seattle Area - this year in Bremerton - a bunch of tattoo artists from studios around the region will take the day off from their regular business and donate their time to help survivors revive! The work will complete and be celebrated at the end of the day, 5:30p, at the Fairfield Marriott. 

More info:

Sunday, October 21, 2018
Artists: Krystin Jones, Aaron Tingey, Chad Willingham, Ross McWilliams, Grover Collins, Ali Peterson, Alicia Quinby, Johnny Larson, Brian Elsivor, Christopher Robin, Zaza Vera Lugo Audirac, Nik Flores, Krysten Dae, Dylan Keife, and Tino Gomez
Local leader: Krystin Jones
Location: Fairfield Marriott – Bremerton, WA
Studios Represented: Red Peony Studios, Aces and Eights Tattoo, Good Karma Tattoo, Jackson Street Tattoo, Madame Lazonga’s Tattoo, Bleeding Black Tattoo, Hidden Hand Tattoo
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I know tattoos aren't for everybody, but I think this is such a massive way to empower people who have suffered into feeling awesome!