The Rubik's Connected is Wild!

The idea sounds dumb, but in practice looks rad.

August 13, 2020
Puzzle cube

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I used to compete at solving twisty puzzles - you know them as Rubik's Cubes, but until recently, the Rubik's brand was a laughable substitute for the much higher quality speed cubes made popular in the last decade. Now, Rubik's is back with what looks like quite a bit of fun: Rubik's Connected. A smart puzzle that implements ideas found in the faster speed cubes to make them work better and a positional tracker that allows an app to know if you're cheating.

@philyu3 having some fun on the upcoming Rubik’s Connected Cube by @rubiks_official . Our unboxing video will be uploaded later today! Gg Matthew33 -- #teamcubicle #thecubicle #smartcube #rubikscube #speedcubing #twistypuzzles

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If you, like almost everyone I talk to, are confused by what you just saw, let me, the man who finished in the bottom 20% at the 2013 World Rubik's Cube Championship, explain.

1. Phil is given a scramble pattern F2 U' B'... meaning turn the face clockwise twice, the top layer counterclockwise once, the back layer counterclockwise once... 
2. 15 second inspection time where both cubers are allowed to preview the cube before solivng - this is true in competition, too.
3. Go! This part is obvious
4. Lose to Phil because he is great.
5. Rage-quit and smash expensive cube

Pre-sales for the Rubik's Connected start on 8/18/20. Enjoy the full review by The Cubicle.

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