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March 9, 2018

Seattle Sounders FC Press // by JaneGershovich

I feel bad for my friends that don't follow soccer that are trying to get into Sounders FC this season - excuse me, the back-to-back MLS Western Conference Champion Sounders FC. I feel bad because right when the season starts, a huge tournament to prove who's the baddest club in North and Central America kicks off. It's pretty hard to sort out if you're new to the football played with your... feet.

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We're still learning how to pronounce Handwalla Bwana's name correctly (who the crap is Bwana), we've got some guy out there who thinks he's a quadruped, and errbody's favorite future dad has something to prove playing up top this season.

This week, I'm stoked to welcome an old pal of mine, Jose Moreno a contributor for CNN En Espanol - not to be confused with professional press conference shade thrower José Mourinho. Moreno played the other football - the one with your hands - and can be found on the sidelines of every freaking sporting event snapping photos and covering the dream of most Seattle sports fans!

Take a listen below, and please remember to tell a soccer-loving friend! We want to grow with your help.

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