There's a sweet reason Jay Buhner trended today.

I had that initial gasp, but it turned out great.

May 11, 2020
Jay Buhner

gettyimages // Jamie Squire


Jay Buhner was trending this morning for the sweetest reason. It's not because he had died - good god, why is it everytime someone's trending now, my first thought is "oh no...?" The Mariners legend and guy who wants you to buy trucks, trucks, and more trucks, found his name on the Twitter trends thanks to someone who had passed, comedic star, Jerry Stiller (RIP).

Mr. Stiller became famed a second time in his life portraying George Costanza's father, Frank, on Seinfeld. In one particular episode, Frank's response to news that his kid was thought dead is just gold:

People love Festivus, "serenity now", and the Manzier, but for Seattle kids watching Seinfeld, this must have really felt awesome!

Read more about the wonderful Jerry Stiller's life, and dream of a time when we can actually get together for a game of baseball for Frank Costanza. Hopefully, one where the Mariners beat the Yankees.

And go buy a truck or truck accessory from our pal, Jay Buhner while you're at it.