There's a New Imagine Dragons Album in the Works

We had a fun chat with Dan Reynolds including dog talk.

February 22, 2017
Dan and Imagine Dragons lol about trading cards



With a music fury as big as that huge bass drum they bring on stage, Imagine Dragons rose from playing The Crocodile just years ago to headlining Deck The Hall Ball with their sophomore album. It was a dark time for Dan Reynolds (vocals), despite the rising success.

Out of nowhere, Imagine Dragons popped back into our lives with a song featured on the most expensive advertisement, Nintendo’s Super Bowl commercial for the Switch.

Knowing there was new music, if only just a single song, we had to talk to Dan and find out the story. Is there a new album? Does he already have the Nintendo Switch? Does he love dogs?! All VERY IMPORTANT!

Dan answers all these questions and makes it clear that this song was written and then licensed to Nintendo for the commercial!

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