There's a New Mario Game and You Can Be A T-Rex!

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June 14, 2017
It's Mario!

by Jon Sakura/Gamers Anonymous


LOOK AT THAT MAJESTY! Nintendo's E3 presentation just took the excitement of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and backed it up with some amazing looking game titles that we'll play in the next year including a staple character's new adventure: Super Mario Odyssey.

Nintendo's focus on creating loveable characters delivers a new twist in their fourth decade: a magic hat! It's not nearly as adorable as that dang Tanooki suit *swoon*, but this hat does crazy/borderline evil stuff and it's sentient. Its name is "Cappy" and apparently, it lets you take over the minds of other critters. By Mario 64, the characters started reaching max lovability - like, wouldn't you want to have a pet goomba or ask your Chain Chomp "who's a good boy?"

Now Mario can hurl his mind control hat onto the heads of characters (including items) and pull a Being John Malkovich inserting you straight into their bodies. Here's your chance to fly around like Bullet Bill, be totally pointless like a Goomba, or for some reason stomp and roar a bunch in the body of a Tyrannosaur.

At some point, Mario must graduate/drop-out from college and need to find himself - he does what anyone at those crossroads would, he travels to the modern day big city and boy life sure is fast paced... Don't worry, my little plumber friend, you can just toss your evil hat on some passing business nerd and navigate the city - maybe you'll even see someone barf on the subway! Just don't throw Cappy on barf or YOU'LL BECOME THE VOMIT!


Stack o' Goombas
by Jon Sakura/Gamers Anonymous

This game looks like a huge sandbox style follow-up to the last time Nintendo reinvented our Italian friend in Super Mario 64 and adds a bunch more value to the Nintendo Switch. Will it be enough to sell you (assuming you can find one to buy)? Super Mario Odyssey hits shelves October 27th.

Cappy Tank
by Jon Sakura/Gamers Anonymous


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