Stephan Jenkins Jokes That They Won't Be Outdone on the Road by Pearl Jam this Summer!

Third Eye Blind are getting greener and you're part of that!

April 22, 2019

gettyimages / Rich Polk / Stringer


Third Eye Blind is hitting the road again this summer featuring a stop in Seattle on June 19th. Last time out, they made big changes to the impact they leave after playing a town - they eliminate unnecessary plastic waste by tossing all those water bottle off the tour-rider (a rider is a collection of things bands request for each show). Instead, they opt to replace plastic bottles for everyone - ground crew, tour crew, band, etc - with reusable jugs and large refill stations. 

On this next go-round, a fan reached out to singer Stephan Jenkins asking if they would be offsetting tour emissions like Seattle's own Pearl Jam. "I'm like, I'm not gonna be outdone by Pearl Jam. This cannot be," he joking laughs at the notion, but it was enough to get him to take action. Teamed with the same group used by Pearl Jam, ClimeCo, the band will offset all tour emissions by donating a portion of their touring proceeds to support conservation work on Afognak Island in Alaska.

Listen to Stephan Jenkins talk about kicking plastic and offsetting the tour: