This Could Be The Answer to Eerie Empty Stadiums

Download the app, start cheering on your squad!

May 29, 2020
empty stadium



Yamaha look ready to roll out a stadium-PA-connected remote cheering app for fans not able to attend closed door sports reports Ars Technica. With so many leagues trying to find a way to play, the fanless stadiums look the most likely way to get sports restarted around the world. Remote Cheerer, like any soundboard app, would allow fans watching at home to still create the atmostphere inside a stadium by pressing buttons related to their excitement. A computer would monitor all the engagement and translate it into piped in stadium crowd noise.

Sorry racist Italian soccer fans (or really any league), you won't be able to record a custom message to shout at the players.

Wow, it just dawned on me that this must be incredible for the humans playing the sport to not have jerks being turds.

Just like with stadning on your feet in the stands cheering you might get tired as the contest goes on so it would require compelling play to keep the crowd in the game. You'd probably have to somehow limit the logins to just people who would otherwise have tickets so the most popular team isn't always the loudest. If not, we'd end up with every game feeling like the Blue Jays were in town playing the Mariners: a stadium filled with visitng supporters!

I'm just waiting until someone hacks it and replaces the various cheering sfx with fartnoise.wav and hilarity ensues... 

"Ibarra to Roldan.
Roldan around one defender.
Roldan with the snappy pass.
Ruidiaz with the touch.
Top corner.

*Pttbbtbbtbttb x 42,000* lol

Will there be a version for golf where some drunk guy yells "GET IN THE HOLE" before barfing all over his own shoes?