Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe July 4th Weekend!

Chowder Hates the Explosions

July 3, 2019
Chowder Hates Fireworks

by Gregr


Fourth of July is this week and I’m going to drink a beer for every year America has celebrated freedom.

Someone just reminded me that means 242 bees: I'm gonna need Friday off...

Well, to celebrate America being at war for 2225 of our 242 years, I’ll just blow a bunch of stuff up with colorful explosions and loud noises and the ever-present fear that I may not return to work on Monday with all my fingers.

That sounds terrible to me. I get freaked out by holding explosives made for the least amount of money possible in a country that pays children pennies to build smartphones and basketball shoes. I would rather stick to watching one a zillion awesome shows like South Lake Union or closer to me in Everett.

Family Fourth Fireworks
by Gregr

There are few things more American than blowing stuff up or shooting junk into the air and than being impressed by it than fireworks. Dogs must think we're so dumb for celebrating terrifying excitement SHUT UP, DOGS. Now, when July 4th rolls around, I usually have to decide whether I'm going to take part or just sit on the couch with a shivering dog (and cats).

Thundershirt -  We just bought our first ThunderShirt. The reviews are mixed, but when I'm not feeling good, I like a hug. The ThunderShirt is meant to be worn snugly and will provide your little pee monster an evening-long sense of comfort.

Supplements - I’ve read you can give a dog a small amount of Melatonin, but I’m not a vet, nor have I tried this, so proceed at your own risk. They make a bunch of other ones that I saw when shopping for the ThunderShirt. We gave Chowder some prescribed supplements a few years and they didn't do much to calm her little dog nerves.

Anxiety Collar - There are a bunch of these, but the one I'm suspicious about is a sonic collar that plays soothing music to keep Barkzilla calm. I guess it uses tones and music customized for dogs that help to block out the sounds of freedom exploding outside.

Tips to keep them safe:
Do not leave your dog outside. When it’s time to take Darth Butt Sniffer outside for a pee, just make sure that you have them leashed. One unexpected explosion and you could throw the entire force out of balance when your pooch escapes the yard and down the block. Scary stuff.

Make sure they wear a collar. This is probably a good note regardless though at my house we’re bad about enforcing this. If you leave your little turd machine at home alone, it is imperative. Were they to escape when you’re gone and you may be down a best friend when you return.

Don’t take dogs to the fireworks display, dummy. Chowder was on hand while my friends lit off basic spinners, smoke bombs and such and it still drove her nuts. It’s hard to roll into someone’s place and ask them not to have fun, so we kept having to go for walks to get away.

Finally, if you are one of the jackass people who explodes stuff at 3am, I hate you so much. Don't be a jerk, we all share this space and you're waking everyone up. But mostly, you're making my dog miserable.

Have a happy Fourth of July!