Tito's Reminds You Not Use Vodka For Hand Sanitizer

A message to people who think Corona beer gives you coronavirus (probably)

March 6, 2020
Tito's Handmade Vodka

thx BT


Because people are FREAKING OUT about coronavirus, the shelves at stores around the greater Seattle area are devoid of some basics we take for granted. Toilet paper, bottled water, soap, hand sanitizer, etc, have left the Costco's and Fred Meyer's feeling a bit apocolyptic. 

Ahhh that explains it!

With hand santizer in short supply, you can take matters into your own... hands. Making your own toilet paper is another level...

First off, could you just wash your hands instead because that's likely gonna do a whole lot better job than any hand sanitizer especially one you're brewing in your kitchen?

I'll let you look up your own recipe so you don't hold me responisble for your bootlegging, but just keep in mind, the part where they ask for alcohol, Tito's isn't what they're talking about. They probably want you to use 60-99% isotropyl alcohol that you buy at the drug store, and not Austin's favorite bloody mary fuel...

Moral of the story, save the Tito's for jelloshots and just wash your damn hands with soap and water.