We Built This Big Old School Transformer and I Feel Like a Kid Again

Mike Seibert came in to talk CybFest NW 2019 and brought Devastator

July 23, 2019

by Gregr

Mike Seibert loves the Transformers. When we met, he was on his way to Niagra Falls with a stopover in Toronto for TFcon - a Transformers convention. Mike calls himself a fan of the brand, but does with a show that spans decades, he does have his own touchstones. His jam, that 1986 original The Transformers: The Movie (of course it's on YouTube). Mike's range isn't just nostalgia from when we all cherished the all-spart without having to search it out aka childhood, he shined some light on the continuing comic book culture around Transformers.

This weekend, CybFest NW will take over the Kent Commons Community Center and bring a world of Transformers to Earth. You'll be able to snag collectibles, meet voice actors, and hopefully see some killer cosplay! Mike will be hosting his show live on site - Mike Seibert Radio Live: The Legacy of The Transformers: The Movie. More about CybFest NW here.

With the help of fellow nerd, Nick [name redacted>, Mike brought in a spectrum of collectible toys. There are countless robots to collect, but Nick chose something iconic - the Constructicons who as individual construction vehicles form together to create a combiner known as Devastator. 

Listen to 'So, You're In Seattle' with guest Mike Seibert talking Transfomers

Mike walks us through all the different iterations of Devastator from authentic to terrible knockoff and in-between.

Licensed - could find this at retailers.

Knock-offs - Here are a couple of options. The first is the yellow Quick Change and in theory still assembles to form Devastator though for $4, I remain skeptical... Also, there's the already transformed DX Robo 7" "Construction"... seriously? That's the best you could do?

Third-Party - These are premium format adult collectibles but completely unlicensed by Hasbro - Make Toys Giant Type-61 - this looks badass and possibly dangerous for kids but I want!

Legit - Finally, we get to this Titan series of robots from Hasbro. We actually took these beasts out from their big box and got transforming. What we found was the bots were more challenging to figure out than I remember from my childhood.

In truck form:

Transformed and ready to join:

Final form standing (poorly attached by us) at about 18" tall and full of glory:

Now, I've gotta get on the hunt for an old school Soundwave G1 Transformer!

Reach out to Mike for more info at @MikeSeibertRadio
Subscribe to his podcast Mike Seibert Radio

And have a blast this weekend at CybFest 2019!

CybFest NW 2019
July 27, 2019 11a-5p
Kent Commons Community Center

Here's that Gundam statue I encountered in Tokyo:

Mech stuff

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