Save Your Lungs With This Homemade Box Fan Smoke Filter

Here's a quick and awesome way to help keep your lungs safer

August 16, 2018

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One of those really killer Honeywell air purifiers is expensive! KING 5's Ted Land put together a pretty simple, straightforward solution to scrubbing some of that smokey air out of your life and you only need three things to build it. 

1. A box fan
2. A furnace filter
3. Seemingly any type of tape


Since these wildfires look likely to be a regular summer activity, this solution can pay off over summers to come! We could be worse than Beijing in no time. That's on top of everything that got into your home those couple of terrible days that we still need to get rid of.

Remember to get a filter that's rated either MERV 13 or FPR 10 to get maximum effect!

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