Just Some Photos of a Beautiful Day in Vancouver, BC

The sun beamed down upon us and we basked in it!

February 4, 2019

by Gregr


To properly celebrate my lovely wife's birthday, we packed Space Baby in the car and took a shot up I-5 to our lovely Canadian neighbors in Vancouver, BC. It's hard not to stop at the outlets, the casinos, or Bellingham for a quick burrito at Casa Que Pasa, but we focused on a Friday to beat the border traffic. 

The next morning, we found a Vancouver beaming with sunshine. We scrapped the shopping and got outside to Stanley Park and Sunset Beach Park.

Sunset Beach reminds me of Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle only with way more giant ships hanging out in the bay - in this case English Bay.

We shot up Beach Ave to Stanley Park, a peninsula that serves a similar function to New York's Central Park. This is a must visit park reminding me something like Volunteer Park in Seattle only surrounded almost completely by water. As we circled around the large park, we came to a tourism site for First Nations' Totem Poles.

We have a rocky relationship with Native American art in Washington, so at first I was a bit uncomfortable gawking at the works. They are magnificently carved and stunning to take in as a tourist. Each feature a sign signifying all the different segments or stages to the pole and a brief description of who did the carving and a blurb regarding the local significance. They're lovely.

Anyway, that's just a couple quick places to stop while out cruising around daytime Vancouver. We also went to Granville Island Public Market (think Pike Place Market only less dense) to eat our way through the city and I can't recommend that enough, either!

We've been to Vancouver a handful of times and it's always awesome to get dinner in Gastown or head out for some rainy outdoor activities like Capilano or Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridges:

Lynn Canyon Park Suspension Bridge with my Valentime.

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