Veggie Pizza, You'll Have To Do...

Just kidding, I love veggie pizza!

February 12, 2016

Ok, so it hasn't been that hard these first couple of weeks. I set out this month to drop the meat from my diet and I feel pretty great. Turns out, I love eating for the sake of filling bored time. When my go to options are limited, I just don't eat as much... Every time I'm feeling casually hungry, it turns out that I just really want to devour cheeseburgers and burritos. Oh man, that sounds delicious...

Side thought: do these Dots have gelatin and if so, does that make them not vegetarian?


Anyway, burritos. "You can eat veggie burritos, Gregr" is something I'm tired of hearing. I'm looking for a delicious pork burrito - like the adobada baby burritos at Tacos Chukis!

The bright side of all this food talk, I don't care for meaty pizzas. They give me heartbern ;), so I've been eating veggie pizza for forever. This week's national pizza day didn't present any problems! Here's an awesome recipe my better half made; it's a deconstructed veggie sushi roll (you have to enjoy tofu, though):

It's brown rice, cucumber, lightly pan fried in soy sauce tofu, edamame, and a bit of sesame dressing.

Now that the first half of the month is over, I'm switching my focus to Fishcatarian February. I know it's supposed to pescatarian, but where's the alliteration in that? It's become a science experiment for me. Turns out that when you don't consume dead flesh, your guts don't get as gross. I'll let you figure out what that means with your own beautiful brain. How does that change when I introduce freshly, uncooked dead animals like tasty nigiri sushi? WE'LL FIND OUT!