Wait a Second, What's Wrong with King County's New Health Inspection Signs?

Overall, this is a good thing.

January 18, 2017
Food Ratings

by Gregr


Why is it that the scariest looking places often have the best food? There's a bar on the hill that I love but you'd NEVER order food there on sight alone. Turns out they have pretty good food and a french dip that won't stop. The place is terrifyingly dirty and I'm afraid that if I knew the kitchen conditions I might have to cut my own mouth, throat, and stomach out of my body.

This week, King County introduced a new health inspection rating system poster that will go up in establishments around the county - 11,000+ of em! And these signs play right into modern times: they use emojis to rate the joints.

Sweet. Those are easy enough to understand. But wait...

Upon further zooming, what's going on here? Under each fun face is an explanation. "The restaurant has had: MANY red critical violations over the last four inspections."

Ok, that review must be a failing grade, right? Wrong. That's what'll get your joint a "good" rating. WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT THAT? "Needs to improve" reads, "The restaurant was either closed by Public Health – Seattle & King County within the last year or the restaurant needed multiple return inspections to fix food safety practices." While factually accurate, terrifyingly underselling!

These signs are still a great thing for helping you steer clear of crap restaurants or better yet, getting gross restaurants to be less gross! Here's the full breakdown from the gov itself...

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