Washington Is Beautiful: Mukilteo Lighthouse Park

Fun sunny morning on the coast of Puget Sound

May 20, 2019

by Gregr


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I go stir crazy on weekends and since I skipped karate and didn't spend the money to see Professor Brian Cox at the Moore, I had to get out to burn some energy. We live up north, so some sunshine by the water in Mukilteo fit the bill perfectly. SpaceBaby will be raised visiting the beaches of Washington so I wonder what he'll think when he's old enough to appreciate the difference between the rocky/pebbly coastline and the sandy beaches of other bodies of water. I snapped some photos starting at this rad carved massive log!

The lighthouse at Mukilteo:

Walk on the beach!

We spotted the ferry and decided to hoof over for a quick ride to Clinton, WA.

by Gregr

Clinton Ferry Terminal

Fun couple of hours wandering around in Washington. 10/10 would recommend. 

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