Washington Hoh Tribe is amongst the first to trial Elon Musk's Starlink space internet.

October 9, 2020
SpaceX Falcon 9 landing

gettyimages // NASA


Elon Musk is full of wild ideas and companies to deliver them. He changed the game for rocket launches, electric cars, neural brain interfaces, tunneling, and space internet! Starlink Internet in two-plus years has deployed more than 700 small satellites to deliver higher speed internet to places with poor, patchy, or no service all from space. 

The satellites themselves are launched to about half the height of any regular communications craft and released in long trains of units that sometimes can be seen with the naked eye tracking across the night sky. Stargazers must hate them!

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They're about 600 lbs - that's what a large vending machine weighs - they have a single long solar panel, an autonomous collision detection system, and an ion drive using Krypton for power to propel its altitude around in orbit. All that has to work together while beaming broadband places... in theory.

Well, theory has become reality.

The Western Washington based Hoh tribe of Native Americans are among the first to trial the service and have some great feedback from the Olympic Peninsula:

Amazing. I can only imagine what a leap that must feel like. Anyone who's has driven out there knows that service blows and internet is even worse.

Beyond the essentials they list, can you imagine everyone going on and on about TikTok and you can barely send a text based email? Hopefully prices for the tribe won't be too ridiculous. Here's the full story:

Here's hoping that the sky pollution doesn't limit science well helping people like the Hoh advance.