Washington Sea Lion Becomes Adorable Giant Roadblock

How the heck did she get SO FAR from home?

February 25, 2020
Sea lion or road hazard? Why not both?!

Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office


A Cowlitz county officer encountered quite obstacle when patrolling over the weekend.

"Sergeant Corey Huffine arrived on scene to find a giant sea lion more than 50 miles from the ocean..." WHAT?! How does that even happen?

Well, according to a post on the Cowlitz's County Sheriff's Office official Facebook page:

"It is believed the sea lion reached the area after traveling up Delameter Creek from the Cowlitz River. The sea lion, described as approximately 600 pounds in weight, had traveled a significant distance from water. Deputies, Humane Society and Cowlitz County Public Works staff were on scene for several hours until the Department of Fish and Wildlife was able to respond with a trailer and staff to capture and relocate the sea lion. Deputies assisted Fish and Wildlife staff by directing the sea lion into a transport trailer, which was used to return it to the Columbia River."

Well, we do love to hike the various ecosystems of puget sound. Maybe she was just out for a... walk? What do sea lions do, shuffle? Icky shuffle? Slurm? Anyway, it looks like it turned out to be a pretty fun Sunday!

What do you think the sea lion was doing?

  • Heading to Mt Rainier now that SR706 has reopened?
  • Getting to White River Amphitheatre early for The Black Keys?
  • Searching for a Sheriff to partner for a buddy cop film?
  • Sea lion karate in Kent?
  • Just lost?

I hope you find what you're looking for, sea lion!