Science: Washington State is the Best State!

According to research, not just me daydreaming up here on the 14th floor...

December 6, 2019

by Gregr


We're number one!

Congrats to all of Washington state, when ranked by US News and World Report using 71 metrics, the Evergreen State took the top spot! And not just the cool part by the water, it includes Eastern Washington, too!

Tusken Raider Emote

Good for you!

I've only been to three of the top states (including typing this in Washington) - two of them I would definitely call home - and I lived in one of the bottom 5 states, New Mexico, and it's lovely with incredible green chile everything!

Top 5 States
New Hampshire

And sadly...

Bottom 5 States
New Mexico
West Virginia

Remember, we're only as good as our weakest link.

Here's the breakdown of where Washington ranked in each category of measurement that landed us the top spot:

Healthcare: 4
Education: 4
Economy: 3
Infrastructure: 2
Opportunity: 19
Fiscal Stability: 22 (oof)
Crime and Corrections: 15
Natural Environment: 14

Fiscal stability is our worst factor?? Duh. The tough part of this list is imagining living somewhere else knowing it could be garbage compared to Washington.