Watch Coldplay + Peter Buck of REM Cover Tom Petty

Following a moment of Silence in Portland

October 3, 2017
Chris Martin of Coldplay



Tom Petty has died. That's a sentence I never put any thought into before yesterday's terrible news. I have a distinct memory of my brother (illegally) making me a copy of Full Moon Fever because I loved "Running Down a Dream" and loving the "Hello CD listeners..." Sad day.

Ask just about anyone sans pants ants about how that Coldplay concert at CenturyLink was and you'll get some variation of "awesome." I heard so many "well, I'm not really a Coldplay fan, but they are incredible live." It's crazy that just one stadium over and just a few weeks prior, an icon of rock and roll, Tom Petty, played that 40th-anniversary tour date at Safeco. Now, for the saddest of reasons these two artists can be mentioned in one post.

Last night in Portland, Chris Martin and the Coldplay gang welcomed REM's Peter Buck to the stage, held a moment of silence for Petty, and then dropped into an incredible cover of "Free Fallin."

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