Watch This Cool Mini-Doc About Chris Ballew

His Post-PUSA Life Sounds Delightful

January 20, 2017
PUSA Surprise Set at DTHB 2010

by Mat Hayward


Chris Ballew the former frontman of Presidents of the United States of America remains one of the most creatively playful artists in Seattle. It's super weird to write "former" in that sentence. Sad face.

The Presidents of the United States of America have broken up.

The folks at Shady Pines Media got Ballew to sit down and talk about the Presidents and his now almost decade of writing songs for kids as Caspar Babypants. His story is full of cool, weird gear, collaborations with awesome people the likes of Beck and Sir Mix-A-Lot, and how to transform oneself rock n' roll caterpillar into a ridiculous butterfly of banana bread songs.

So stoked to one day have kids and play them a song about banana bread!


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