Watch the Moment Book of Mormon Crowd Learns Seahawks Win

It was just seconds before the curtain went up to start the show.

January 12, 2016

According to Seattle Redditor /u/riedmae, just a minute before the curtain was raised to begin a hilarious performance of the wildly irreverent Book of Mormon, the Seattle crowd - recently seated in the golden chairs of the Paramount Theatre - were treated to a wonderful alert on an endless sea of smartphones. The Seahawks WIN! Watching a mass of people, likely frustrated that the NFL had scheduled the playoff game against Minnesota at the same time they were to see a radical show, reacting to the seemingly impossible news with a roar of thunderous applause turned wild cheering is just the best:

Now think about being the cast backstage making final costume adjustments with a stage manager screaming "30 seconds!!" Imagine all you hear is a crown ERUPT in applause! User /u/jahabrewer spelled it out:

audience goes wild just before curtain

Actor: Yeah! This is my big break! They're so excited!


Doh! I'm not sure how you react to that. Hopefully, the actors used the positive energy to put on one of two awesome final shows here in Seattle. The part that blows me away, beyond someone having their phone already recording this, is that it's not the first time it's happened.

Back in 2013, with Book of Mormon in town, a similar scenario found similar results. /u/caeander writes: "This exact same thing happened when I saw the show in 2013. The 2013 scenario was so similar I had to check the YouTube upload date to verify it wasn't from a couple years ago."

I love this time of year in Seattle.


Bonus: here's my beautiful bride and I at the Paramount for the show :)

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