Watch Some Other Dude Pull Off His Own Bob Ross Video

Nic Hankins is a certified Bob Ross Painter

April 30, 2020
Painting palette

gettyimages // kostyazar


Bob Ross painted for PBS for 31 seasons and if I close my eyes I can almost hear his softly spoken voice that like a pallete blade through paint cuts away at my stress. Now The Joy of Painting has new life, and a protege of Bob's, Nic Hankins, took no more than about 10 seconds of talking in that smooth southern draw to melt away my surroundings and fully imerse me in his work. It helps that's he effectively painting the scene of so many of my favorite PNW hikes.

As he painted those fluffy white clouds in titanium white, I couldn't help but wonder if they mic'd the old Bob Ross videos the same way, becuase this sure feels like an early form of an ASMR video. Just listen to all that brush noise!

Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting used to always be playing at my childhood barbershop and I'd be waiting what felt like a life time to get my haircut, but somehow all that melted away while I watched Bob paint his happy little trees. While I don't innately trust Nic the same way I did a man with an afro who told me I could do anything when I was 4yo, I could see that relationship blossoming and Bob's legacy carrying on in good hands.

Nic Hankins feels right because:

  • His waterfall painting sound effects are superb
  • I'm lulled by his soft voice
  • He dresses the Bob Ross part
  • Didn't opt to use an afro

Would you watch another episode?
Imagine if you took a year off and painted all 401 Bob Ross episodes.
Would that summon the ghost of Bob Ross?
Would that make him your Obi-Wan Kenobi?