Robert Delong Ditches Controllers and Drums for an Acoustic Guitar!

He'll have all those other things at Summer Camp!

August 1, 2018

by Mat Hayward

Bothell's own Robert DeLong makes a homecoming appearance at this year's Summer Camp and based on his last appearance and all the face paint, it should be mind-bending! We've seen Bobby D play a bunch of times at EndSessions, live in concert, even one year at SXSW in Austin, but never had I ever see him put down the hacked video game controllers or drumsticks in place of an acoustic guitar. It happened and the results demonstrate killer songwriting skills (careful, it's NSFW bc of naughty language - bad Robert!)


"Hello, hello the internet... alot of people say that this song sounds like it should be in a 007 movie but it never got that placement - I coulda bought a house or something..." lol, good Robert.

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