Watch these ducks annihilate this healthy snack

Instead of bread, let's go green!

July 27, 2020
Feed the duck

gettyimages // Edevarde_Moreira


Once a year or so, a story about the Canal and River Trust pops back up and circulates the internet reminding you avoid feeding bits of bread to the ducks in you local waters. Bread is bad for their little duck butts and is effectively junk food. Instead, ditch the crackers and feed these sweet quackers something closer to what they might eat in nature like oats, corn, or peas (not frozen you turd). Uhm... hate to be a jerk, but this could probably just as easily be good info for our human diets, too...

Anyway, ducks seem dumb like they'd eat whatever you throw at them, but then I saw this video of a couple ducks going full goose for these peas.

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Yup. Definitely gonna try this. Just remember, if you do it too much, the duckos will become jerks and get aggressive for food and then other people will feed them garbage again and then the ducks will probably get knives and start stabbing people for peas and it will end poorly. Probably.