Watch This Airplane That Carries Airplanes Unload in Everett

The Boeing Dreamlifter hauls Dreamliner parts around the world.

July 28, 2020
Boeing 747 Dreamlifter

by Gregr


Boeing flies this massive airplane in and out of Paine Field all the time. It's a small airport in terms of traffic, but massive in terms of this giant bird.

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The converted 747 looks like a hotdog left on the grill too long and bubbled up, but it's overinflation serves to carry assembled pieces of the 787 Dreamliner to Everett, WA, for final assembly. Most of the flights are between factories in Charleston, SC, Nagoya, Japan, and Everett, WA. Four of these giant airplanes are in pretty regular motion and it's pretty easy to track them via FlightAware.

Having a 2-yo means lots of trips to see "Big Airplane." We made a recent landing into a proper outing by sticking around to see the crew unload Big Airplane. Here you can see them removing a nose section of the Dreamliner. Notice the tiny little humans for scale.

I captured this timelapse to better appreciate the effort:

Feels sorta like we observed the airplane proctologist...

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A couple stills, too:

Boeing Dreamlifter with Dreamliner nose

Boeing Dreamlifter with Dreamliner nose

Wanna come watch Big Airplane with me sometime? I need more "adults" to talk to...