Watch this dude sing Nine Inch Nails "Closer" over "Ghostbusters"

Bustin' makes me feel gooood...

January 7, 2020

gettyimages / Mark Mainz


You can tell the dude in this video is a wizard from House Reznor - just look at those short sleeves and hood in December. When he requests the 'Ghostbusters' theme at New Year's Eve karaoke, he had a bit of mischief up his non-sleeve. Hood guy somehow takes the filthy Nine Inch Nails classic "Closer" and marries it with the upbeat theme song sung by millions of 80's/90's kids for a generation! NSFW language ahead obvs:

"Closer" is not supposed to be happy. Here I am... happy.

Dammit, dude, how did this bearded saint even dream this up?! Weed, probably.