Watch This Dude Use a Homemade Flamethrower to Prove Masks Work

Obviously don't try this at home...

July 29, 2020
Do Not Try At Home

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Enough with your anti-mask b******t already. Let this man who loves living life dangerously show you a pretty unsafe example of how masks can help stop the spread of coronavirus.

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I have no idea what the size of particles make up what sprayable compound he's using, but imagine if a mask is half as good at stoping covid-19 as it is at stopping face melting flame throwers.

My favorite comment on Reddit (of the 5 I read) is form user BelievesItsNotButter:

"How anti-maskers will actually see this video:
Did you see the 3" test?? It COMPLETELY failed. And you l******s think masks f*****g WORK? Wake up, sheep. Bill Gates jammed each of those masks full of brain control MICROBOTS."

Here at The End, we have our own dope looking 107.7 The End masks and we're def (not) stuffing 'em full of microrobots. Even better, a portion of the proceeds of each mask we sell go to the Washington State Nurses Assoication.

Keep your germs to yourself! Love this mask so much. Hit our dot com to order yours and a portion of the proceeds will benefit WA nurses.

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