Wave goodbye to plastic bags in Washington

Plastic shopping bags will be banned, 8 cent paper bag fee in place

March 12, 2020
Plastic bag ban



Wave goodbye to your ball of plastic bags hanging in the pantry, on the counter or turning into one giant tumble weed of plastic in the garage. More importantly, wave goodbye to the bags from Washington stores ending up in the landfills or oceans. The Washington State Senate passed the plastic bag ban bill and now the bill heads to the desk of Governor Inslee to sign into law.

I can't wait to see me and the fellow me's of the world trying to carry three-too-many items out without a bag!

Plastic bags will be gone and in their place paper bags will cost you eight cents a piece when checking out. Other bags like the ones for fruits and veggies will remain and thicker stuff like freezer/sandwich bags and trashbags are unaffected.

In 2026, the eight-cents gets replaced by a twelve-cent fee. They really want you to you bring your own bags! Ten cents is a deal on a gallon of gas at the rewards pump, but I'm so lazy/forgetful I can see just paying the twelve cents for every bag every time.