We Caught Up With Sounders Captain Brad Evans

They kick off this weekend and we we're ready!

March 3, 2017
Pacific Blue

by Gregr

How in the crap is the soccer offseason already over?! Seattle Sounders FC, including our guest Brad Evans, are currently strapped into a metal bird rocketing over the dry part of the USA to kick off the defense of the MLS Cup in Houston.

I had no idea that in the history of the club, they had never beaten the Dynamo in Houston! Probably too busy day dreaming of the touring NASA and being wowed by the Saturn V on display...

Evans dropped that nugget on me as well as explained how while we freeze in the rain of a March match at CenturyLink, the team can still be fired up to run around and win. We of course have beer to cheer us up until June.

The time in Seattle will have been a short one for newcomer Will Bruin who joins Seattle from... Houston lol. Brad mentioned how were swapping in Swedes. Erik Friberg didn't get picked back up for 2017 but nordic people lineage will still be covered by Gustav Swensson, but you probably won't even notice since they look essentially the same. Seriously, click their links. I'm gonna miss Friberg and all that taco-talk.

Brad Evans loves Incubus, skateboarding, and has specific thoughts about refs.

And most importantly, Clint Dempsey is probably part robot now after weird heart problems last year. I'm assuming that Paul Allen has some sort of secret robot lab that made Clint's heart into a super muscle that will coincidentally make him invincible to terminator robots. He'll start his return to the squad with a trip to Houston near the town he calls home. We didn't really get to see the full potential of Lodeiro + Dempsey on the attack, but the glimpse we got was deadly: 4 matches, 5 assists, and 6 goals.

Last year was supposed to be the year rookie Jordan Morris could ease into MLS and learn the game, but when the season imploded and tons of talent got sucked into the 9th dimension, he had to figure it out. Maybe this year, with the team healthier, Morris will get time to settle in as a sophomore. Or maybe he'll kick a ball so hard it knocks a hole in a guy?

Brad is hosting Putts For Petts at Flatstick Pub in Kirkland on Tuesday and wants to see you there!

Go Sounders!