We Helped a Bunch of Animals Get Adopted!

Seattle Humane invited me to walk a dog down a cat walk!

May 12, 2016
Paloma and Gregr

provided by Seattle Humane


I love doggies and kitties and furry stuff of most sorts. When Seattle Humane asked me to come use my limited celebrity powers to walk a dog at a fundraiser, you bet I agreed.

This event, something described as “black tie,” meant I would be dressing up and meeting other fancy people. I had no idea the level some people can take it!

Look, for seven months over the course of the winter months, I wear the same grey hoodie every day. The same jeans. The same Chuck’s. They keep the studio “penguin temperature” to ensure the computers work correctly or whatever. It requires that even under a jacket, I’m hoodie’d.

It’s a pretty rare occasion to get my Seattle ass into a nice looking tuxedo. I can only think of weddings and senior prom back in the 90s. It’s not something I run to with open arms for no reason on a Tuesday. It’s sort of appropriate I call this casual city home - it’s the best non-tailored fit for me!

Me and my bride to be!

Helping save animals is just the ticket.

I left the hotel feeling like a million bucks. Then we walked into the silent auction room and it dawned on me that I’m totally faking it. Here wandered people who actually know what a million bucks feels like… One family, the Schulers, offered to match the first million dollars in donations with a super donation of their own!

Throughout the night, people bid on silent auction items, live auction items, and then at one point, they just started donating money and lots of it! I thought it was bananas, but the auction host (dressed in the coolest white wingtips) asked who would give up ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. Pssht right… then a sea of hands went up. In less than 30 seconds, the Seattle Humane had $800k. In under five minutes they had raised well over the seven-digit mark, and don’t forget about the dude who offered to match up to the first million. Mind boggling, generous, tax-deductible donations.

Fast-forward 27 minutes to me sitting, mouth ajar, gazing at the dozens of hands still going up. All in all, they raised over four million bucks. What a night.

Celebrity guests!
provided by Seattle Humane

The last part of the night featured what I was told would be the most exciting part. A team of local celebs would be walking animals down the runway while our biggest donors battled to win their attention (the dogs and cats, not the human attention). Stars included U.S. Women’s National Team star Megan Rapinoe, Sub Pop artist Sera Cahoone, Q13’s Liz Dueweke, and that hunk Steven Hauschka, kicker for the Seattle Seahawks!

I got to walk Paloma down the catwalk. She’s a seven-year-old boxer and really stressed out backstage. As soon as runway host, KOMO anchor Cayle Thompson said our names and we took the stage, Paloma went into star mode - what a diva! She took pets, rubs, and treats from many and delivered so much slobber to one nice woman’s pretty face!

Palom-ahhhhhh (Paloma the Dog)
provided by Seattle Humane

This is Paloma and I love her!
provided by Seattle Humane

The BEST part: Paloma got adopted!

I can’t wait to see the money we helped raise put to use on the incredible new facility that Seattle Humane is building in Bellevue. They broke ground a couple months ago to replace an aging facility they called home for years. I’m an animal person, and as their slogan suggests, animal people can!