We Need to Start a Flag Football Team...

So together we can run around on CenturyLink Field

September 10, 2019

There's nothing quite like walking on the field at CenturyLink for a good cause! Every year, the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation Northwest Chapter put on A Touch of Football at CenturyLink field and mortal humans like myself get a chance to play flag football in the same spot as the Seattle Seahawks!

Mike McCready, guitarist of Pearl Jam, and his pal Chris Adams both battle Crohn's disease, but together they made this awesome event happen in hopes of getting closer to a cure (and to have a bunch of fun). McCready doesn't run around after the first season of smoking everybody on the field, but he does always shows up so support!

Build a team, raise some money, then run some plays for a ton of fun before the Seahawks regular season kicks off.

all photos by Iron Mike Savoia

This year, NFL Hall of Fame football player, Walter Jones, fielded a team of local celebs and friends to play and we had a blast! From pre-promotion to on the field!

I can’t thank @bigwalt71 enough for the awesome time he put in for the #CCFA flag football tournament. What a big heart this guy has for Seattle and the people here!

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To hustling on field!

At lunch, families were encouraged to have their little ones take the field and participate in the 40-yard dash. Thanks for letting me host it - feels like giving me a microphone that booms through CenturyLink was a poor choice...

For a small donation, kids and adults alike got to take a swing at kicking a field goal! They let me try a kick to "demonstrate" for the kids.

Then this guy showed me how it's really done!

It's good! 

I wanna give a shoutout to Zack from Porchlight Coffee and the entire Radiator Whiskey team from Saturday. Don't let Zack's artistic coffee shop record label vibe fool you, he's awesome at low-risk flag football! Look at this INT:

by Iron Mike Savoia

Anyway, three days later and I'm still sore as crap but can't wait to do it all again next year. My question, if I could get a team together for Entercom, would you join us?

Thanks to Chris, Jenn, Mele, Jose, Walter, and everyone that made my day so awesome. Never bad being able to see the field 24 hours before the real pros take to it!